Sea Bright

Sea Bright was formed by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Shrewsbury River on the other. In the early 1840’s, Sea Bright was just a cluster of fishing huts in the sand dunes that was known as “Nauvoo”. In 1842, the first hotel was built. Called simply the Ocean House, this low wooden structure situated on the beach offered visitors excellent fishing, sea bathing, and accommodations in one of its beach carriages.


Today, Sea Bright is a quintessential beach town with the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Shrewsbury River to the west. Due to its relatively narrow width, most homes are within easy walking distance to both. The majority of the beaches in Sea Bright are free public beaches which can be easily accessed from Ocean Avenue, but one municipal lifeguard-protected beach does exist. A variety of restaurants, from Italian to Japanese to seafood, can be found in Sea Bright. One of the most popular spots is McLoone’s Rum Runner, a restaurant overlooking the Shrewsbury River which offers delicious food and spectacular water views.