Ocean Grove

Incorporated in 1869, Ocean Grove is a National Historical District. Founded by Bishop Francis Asbury, Ocean Grove (a sister to Cape May) has the largest number of Victorian homes in the nation and today maintains Methodist traditions. The Great Auditorium was built in 1875 and still hosts Sunday worship services and numerous concerts during the summer months. Tents were the first structures in Ocean Grove and today 114 of them still provide summer residence for families, many of which descended from original Ocean Grove settlers. The beautiful beach, boardwalk, quaint village, shops, and restaurants make Ocean Grove a truly memorable place to live and to visit.


Perched just to the south of Asbury Park, this smaller enclave has a totally different vibe—especially on its non-commercial boardwalk. Anchored by an open-air pavilion, the boardwalk hosts numerous special events from art shows to flea markets. It’s also the perfect spot for a peaceful stroll after grabbing dinner, a cupcake or ice cream. The history of this fascinating town as a Victorian-era camp meeting site has left an old-fashioned, proper feel in its wake (as clearly evidenced with the tea room at the Lillagaard).


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